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Embarked on a flight (pre COVID19) and arrived in Vegas, the party before the peace and also the peace before the party. Spent the night in Vegas the first night, and made our way to Zion the next morning. A quick 2 hour trip over to Zion to pick up my race packet and find out I was the #1 fundraiser for the Zion Half Marathon!! WOOHOO!! Marco, Aranza, and Matthew joined me as we took in the wonder of the park and did a little hike before heading to the AirBNB.

I ran the ½ Marathon the next day. Waking up at 5 am was not the most pleasurable task, but standing in the cold windy air waiting for the race was also not pleasurable. I huddled under the tent before they moved us over to the starting line. I had Jackson Borg on my mind and those unpleasurable things faded as my feet hit the asphalt and the Zion rocks sprawled out in front of me welcoming me with their warm red tones. The ski started off pink and the wind letting me know who was boss.

The race runs up to the entrance of Zion and they don't allow people to cheer along the way, which was a different experience. I say that they don't allow people, but it is okay because you have a lot of pretty to look at around you.

I finished the race and we hung around Zion and sort of acted like idiots bouncing around and just having fun. The next couple of days we did more exploring through the park and Marco and I conquered Angels Landing (almost pooped pants too because SCARED). Angels Landing is well worth the fear and 1500 drop offs on both sides! You get to the top and after climbing the spine of the red cliffs, you get a breathtaking view.

Zion allows one to breathe and feel that sense of freedom that we so long for. Especially during these crazy times and now being quarantined makes the dreams of the orange valleys and rocky layers even more special.

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