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Run from the Roni

I have been in quarantine for 4 weeks (in the since that I have been in one place), but have been in the heat of COVID19 for 2 months now.

I am sitting comfortable on the couch at Marco's apartment, where I am truly fortunate to be. Coronavirus has taken over the world, and so many are suffering not just from the virus, but lack of jobs and crashing economy.

This time has been scary, enlightening, boring, exciting, terrible, and so many other adjectives. It has been a time that people are picking up on random new hobbies or thinking of new ideas. Others might not be doing ANYTHING but eating and wishing this had never happened. Getting to decide what you do with this time is a luxury, and not all have that luxury.

I am simply writing this post to write about a current event that is transforming the world forever. I am alive and well (which is a true blessing) and want to remember this time. I don't want it to necessarily fly by in regards to how I spent my days, but I do want this pandemic to be over.

I have attached a couple of "coronavirus" pictures below. Nothing glamorous or special, but just what the world has looked like the past month. I hope to capture more, as this is a big part of history. Wishing you all well.


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