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New City

Entering into a new city is a fun experience that opens you up to new people, foods, places and challenges. The city that I have been able to explore and get to know better this past month is full of one way streets, a humid climate, the biggest rodeo in the world, and the NBA team called the “Rockets” aka Houston, Texas.

Now, growing up in Texas, I have never really heard great things about Houston nor have I ever enjoyed the time I was there other than at NASA. My boyfriend Marco obtained a job there thus I have had the immense pleasure to go and visit a few times.

My first visit, I went in with an open mind, and was more so just excited to visit Marco than anything. He lucked out and lives in The Heights, which I would say is one of the cooler areas in Houston. Lots of quaint bars, hip restaurants, and tons of young people. Not only this, but it is a quick 5 minute drive from downtown, which makes a huge difference in my enjoyment level.

Something that I am beginning to realize is that a city is gonna be great if you decide to make it great and it will suck if you decide to let it suck. Almost any big city that you go to is going to have a crappy section and it is also going to have some pretty neat areas. I have come to find that Houston has a good amount of both.

Something I have really loved about my times visiting H Town would be the awesome parks/trails that they have! Memorial Park, Buffalo Bayou, Rice University, White Oak Park, and countless others are scattered around the central Houston area. I have been quite shocked by the options that they have and how well maintained they are.

Another time I stayed for a week, which allowed me to go to some hip coffee shops, try out Yogaworks and Black Swan, explore Rice, run around, and explore the town. My time is Houston has been filled with so many new experiences such as going to the Houston Rodeo, eating at a bunch of new restaurants, checking out art exhibits, a jazz bar, a huge HEB, Memorial Tennis Courts and going to my first cooking class.

Houston does have an immense amount of "suburban strip mall areas" and to top that off a butt load of traffic...bad traffic. Other downsides would be humidity and high pollen levels, but all in all, I have enjoyed my time in Houston and am going to work on trying to see the positive in every city because each one offers something great, and it up to you to see that or not.

I will make a separate post with things to do, where to eat, places to go out, and general stuff I have done around Houston.

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