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Open Road

Picture me asking anybody and everybody if they want to go on a road trip with me, even for just a couple of days. I had no, no days to take off, no money, or maybe lack of desire led me to take to the road alone. I do want to clarify that I do have friends...I swear. I have found that being on the road even for 4 days alone is somewhat enjoyable. There are definitely pros and cons, which I will do a post on later, but right now I have experienced a lot of pros!

I am on day 4 of my solo road trip and it has been really great! I left from Houston on April 1st, and made my way east. I will give a quick outline of my first four days on the road below:

April 1st

  1. Leave houston at 8am

  2. Stop in Baton Rouge

  3. Run at LSU lakes (901 Stanford Ave Baton Rouge, LA  70808 United States)

  4. Head to Pensacola

  5. Casino beach in Pensacola to watch sunset

  6. Drove to Destin and slept in the Walmart parking lot. Made makeshift curtains out of sheet, hammock and little paper clamps (found article on the internet to give me this idea)

April 2

  1. Woke up at 6:30 in parking lot! Everything went well.

  2. Headed to Seaside, Florida

  3. Coffee @ Amavida and walked down to beach

  4. Ran on main road (lots of people walking, running, and biking

  5. Beach! (left because absurd amount of teenagers blasting music and being total horn dogs)

  6. Moved to rosemary beach (basically the same as Seaside)

  7. Headed to Tampa

  8. Arrived in Tampa at Airbnb and went to bed!

April 3

  1. Slept in until 10:30!!! WOAH

  2. Headed to downtown Tampa

  3. Went to Shoreline Blvd (parked in ball park). Walked around the shoreline. Stinky!

  4. Drove to St Petersburg

  5. Went to The Dali Musuem (recommendation via Allie Brockman and good one at that!)

  6. Went to a Whole Foods (classic)

  7. Drove to Miami

  8. Arrived at Marco’s in Key Biscayne and went to bed

April 4 (rest and self care day)

  1. 7 am cycling (using ClassPass- Redbike Studio Miami, FL, 1399 SW 1st Ave, 33130)

  2. Study and blog

  3. Nap

  4. Study and blog

  5. Downtown miami

  6. Yoga @ 6 (Hot Buti Yoga 60-5084 Biscayne Blvd, Suite 101 A, Miami, FL, 33137)

  7. Study and blog

I am sitting in Marco's Key Biscayne home right now as it is raining outside (when it should be sunny). I have had a lot of time to think over the past four days. I have been okay with silence and observing my surroundings. Everyday is a new learning experience and everyday has offered something completely new. New landscapes, new activities, new thoughts and ideas, and expanding myself by getting out of my comfort zone and going and doing.

Madeline sent me this a couple of days ago and I thought I would share:

For the open road

Why do we love the open road,

yet simultaneously fear the unknown?

Perhaps it is because

the journey not yet taken

makes the heart a little worried,

but at the same exact time,

we know we need it.

We know there is only

so far we can go

unless we are willing

to faithfully face

what we do not yet know.

- Morgan Harper Nichols

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