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Road Trip

So I have finished my road trip, and I’ve truly learned so much from being on the road. I’ve learned not only from the things that I’ve experienced and seen, but I’ve also learned from the podcast and the books that I’ve been able to have the time to listen to in the car. One of the books that I was able to listen to talked about how having time to do nothing allows your mind to expand and develop and be creative, which is so important in developing new ideas and being able to truly grow as a person. This growth is what leads to these new ideas that are world changing. It’s a period where you were able to better understand yourself and better understand things that you were passionate about, which then leads you to be able to be the best version of you.

This trip has also solidified how important I believe it is to be independent and be able to function on your own. Finding your way on your own and being able to live without relying on someone else can be great skills to possess. I also realized how important relationships and having people around was. I experienced certain moments by myself, and it was great, but I loved creating memories with my Mom, Marco, Morgan, or whoever joined/joins me on the road/trip. Creating these memories with these people is such a treasured thing.

Speaking on traveling alone vs. with someone brings me to my pros and cons list.



- listen to whatever you want without having to run it by others in the car

- same goes for doing things, I get to make all of the decisions

- learning how to navigate and find my way on my own

- allows you to listen in on things, watch things, and absorb because you don’t have anyone to talk to so you sort of just become a part of the people around you which is cool


- loneliness can creep in

- no one to laugh with or share certain memories with

- no co pilot to help navigate, check things out for me

- I am a one man show on the road! when hiking a little bit more nerve racking

- don't have backup when things go wrong



- see things though a different lens

- they might push you to do something or try something you normally wouldn't have

- create memories

- you have a buddy!

- second pair of eyes

- discuss ideas and listen to stuff together and learn/teach one another


- if you have different ideas/interests/desires can be problematic

- might differ in regards to schedule (food, sleep, physical activity)

Traveling over the course of April, whether that be alone or with someone, brought me to some of the most beautiful spots I have ever been to, one of those spots being the Blue Ridge Mountains.

"The blue ridge mountains are truly splendid. The winding parkway has lookouts every couple of miles because the entire road is breathtaking. From the distant towns, to the blue hue, to the green broccoli littering the rolling mountains. Fresh air to breath in mixed with silence other than the music on the stereo or wheels on the road. Some spots are green and lush and others look like they still have yet to see spring. I could get a home and plop it right there on the mountain side."-me

I was able to swim in Florida, bike in front of the White House, Hike in the Appalachian Mountains, and ride on a boat in Oklahoma. The month was incredible and stretched me in so many ways. Glad to be back home safe and sound:)

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