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February 17th, 2019: Austin Marathon

What an incredible weekend that started with a week of feeling terrible and sick. A week before the marathon I started feeling super achy and tired and had a sore throat. I went to the doctor that Tuesday and she tested me for strep. It was negative and then she put me on some antibiotics. The week went on and I went to Houston for Valentine’s Day, but was still not feeling good. I then went to Kara's bachelorette party at the lake, and still was not feeling well.

Saturday rolled around and I left from the winery we were at for the bachelorette to head to Austin to get there for a good night sleep before the big day. On the way there, I stopped at a MedSpring to get tested for Mono because I was convinced I had it (due to the fact I still felt so terrible after a week of antibiotics). I got tested for that and Strep and both were negative. She said it was probably just a virus, and recommended I NOT run the Marathon LOL. I asked her what would happen if I did and she said that I was running a marathon so I was already going to feel bad after and if I ran while sick I would feel even worse.

I left from there and went to Bowen’s where I slept...or attempted to sleep. I would have been doomed without Bowen and Mandy. Truly. Anyways, I slept terribly!! Woke up the next morning at 5:40 am to Eye of the Tiger blasting downstairs by Mr.Rechner, which was AWESOME. Hahaha that got me going. I still didn’t feel 100%, but my adrenaline was going and I knew I had God, Jackson, Bowen, my parents, and friends to support me the entire way.

Bowen and I ran the whole 26.2 miles together in honor of Jackson Borg. It was incredible. God carried us on the course and put people along the way to cheer us on. Mrs.Borg, Katie and Melissa, my parents, all the boys, Mandy and Morgan, Marco, the Rechners, and sooooo many others. Katie and Melissa surprised me and I cried around mile 11 when I saw them. It was amazing. Thinking about it right now could make me cry because it was purely God. God in these incredible friends and God in our legs and God in our energy and all the people around us. The course was great and we were smiling the whole way (for the most part). I honestly felt like I blacked out at some points, but it is totally fine.

The last two miles we caught up with Syd and at that point we were all feeling it HA! but we pushed through and it was once again, awesome. It was a wonderful weekend and such an accomplishment for everyone that ran.

Bowen said she had prayed all morning that we would end on the time Jackson ended, and we ended up ending on his time TO THE MINUTE. Incredible. It is a true miracle, and truly glorifies Jackson’s life.

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